Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am sure if you have more than one loom, that you too:  multi-task! Well, that is what I am about these days. Well, most days if you really knew me!  Working for my Complex Weavers study group, I have my project for this year. It was a study to see what I could come up with that didn't take a lot of treadles. Having lots of treadles is something you usually need when working with tied weaves. But for this I am only using eight treadles.

And also, I am itching to try out the new loom. Twelve Shafts!!!  Sweet!! Can it get any more fun???
I decided that maybe I would just put on a straight twill. Then I can play with the tie-up. I always admired those fancy twills. Here I have found some handpainted tencel that was just the right amounts of ends. Bookmarks are the order of the day.

Also, I have taken a (sticky) ruler and attached it to the beater bar. That will help me to center my warp. That tip was from my friend DAWN. Thanks Dawn!! (as always, click on photos to enlarge)

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