Monday, January 9, 2017

Summer and Winter

Carol has always wanted to weave these 'trees'. This summer and winter runner is the second one she has woven. The first one I received at our December guild meeting as my exchange gift. And I agree with Carol, this draft is awesome. This, along with mine, will be treasured for many years to come!

"Summer and winter is a name traditionally, in the US, given to a Compound weave having patterns formed by a supplementary weft, closely held in a 3/1 weft float over 3 and under 1 warp end, or conversely, under 3 and over 1 warp end."  Summer and Winter and other two-tie unit weaves- by Harriet Tidball.

The great thing about S&W to me is the different effects you can achieve by playing around with the tabby order or the tie-down order, not to mention the color choices in warp, wefts, and even tabby. A subject worth years of study. This and overshot might be my favorite go-to weaves!

1 comment:

doris said...

Wow, this summer and winter pattern looks great.
I like to weave very pattern with tabby