Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rep Weave Practice

Almost forgot, but here is my 'practice' rep weave place mat. Our workshop with Kelly Marshall was postponed and will be later. (end of July)

Looking forward to the workshop because this mat may be OK, but it has lots of "uky" places.

1. I couldn't really figure out the edges very well. Lots of long loops on edge.

2. I used 5/2 as the thin when I should have used 10/2.  I read my notes after doing this and Kelly says to use 10/2 for thin if using 3 strands of sugar & cream for the thick. The 5/2 was for the hem part.

Several reason to wait until the workshop to learn how to weave this and get some great place mats.

But thought you would like to see what I have so far. I like my colors and think they will brighten up my kitchen.

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