Monday, April 25, 2016

Bookmark Be Done

Haven't posted for a while, but I have been weaving bookmarks. I think I am finished with them, for a while, that is. I do love weaving bookmarks.

One of my main areas I had to keep an eye on was the fell line. Because I was using my 45" wide Macomber with this 2 1/2 inch warp, I had to really concentrate on pulling the beater bar back correctly. "Pull from the center!!!" my weaving grue Jeff Reynolds would say. If I didn't the fell of the cloth would slowly slant. To keep the beater true, always grasp it at the center.

I tied on with white tencel onto the silk warp, and played some more! This was the crackle draft I put on first. With some of the white tencel warp I used cotton as the weft. They were OK as bookmarks go, but the silk on silk or the silk on tencel was much better.

Then I took that off and put on some M's and W's by Mimi Smith. As a one shuttle draft, you can really fly! I used a tencel warp with mostly tencel and bamboo weft for these.

A great place to find great drafts is the COMPLEX WEAVERS GREATEST HITS edited by Judie Eatough and Wanda Shelp (ISBN: 0-9705436-0-3). I found this great draft by Mimi Smith on page 35 and used it to create these bookmarks. I was dancing on the treadles!!

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Love the bookmarks-you have really shown some quality workwomanship !~!