Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weaving with Novelty Yarns

The Cabool weaving guild got together and worked at winding a warp using novelty knitting yarns and regular weaving threads.  Everyone helped. No one was allowed to just observe. It was like 'weaving camp' !!!

We all helped pick colors, yarns, and then pulled them through the reed in a random order. It was very interesting to see how everyone did each step a little differently. Some used a heddle hook, others did not. Since not all of us 'lash on', Dawn showed us how to do that. Becky showed us how to make 'doups' for the front beam. After is was all on the loom and ready for the weft, we left that part for Becky to do. Can't wait to see the final scarf! It will be awesome!!

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