Thursday, September 3, 2015

Diva Challenge part 1

This guild, Weaving Divas, has a challenge each year. This month we shared some technique or weave structure we were working on. My contribution was my black/blue shadow weave pillow that I showed last month on this blog. So now, here are the others and what they have been up to!
Anita has been weave towels. I think she said she put on a 15 yard warp!

Anita shared an overshot project where she used her credit card to find her "name drafting" shafts.

Jan wove a chenille bath towel. It is super soft!

Janice used Huck lace to weave three bath mats.

Kathy had woven these overshot pieces a while ago, so now she was working on adding cording to the edges. 

Marilynn wove turned taquete (turned summer and winter polychrome without tabby).

Mailynn is explaining the color sequence.

Rossanna blew us all away with this awesome Kumihimo necklace. 

Tomi has used chenille and t-shirt knit to weave this 3/1 twill rug.

Tomi received the Grand Champion in weaving at the Ozark Empire Fair held in Springfield MO. Well done Tomi! Well deserved!!.... and check out her red blouse...... from thread to blouse!!

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