Thursday, August 6, 2015

Weaving Diva August Program

Tomi is a  fantastic seamstress! Her program was on weaving with handwoven fabric. We learned how to take a rectangle of fabric and turn it into an Origami Top. Using three different weights of threads she found the lighter weight fabric worked best for this technique. We were given a strip of paper and folded it as we would our fabric. Excellent visual aide.

We learned we could sew up the seams as usual and press them open for the seam allowances, or make a flat-fell seam, or overlap the selvages to leave one selvage on the outside as a design element. Or hand-stitch the seams..... The neck treatment is something to explore too!

And you can use most any draft that allows for a short float that won't snag, just as you would for any fabric turned into clothing.

And what would be a meeting of weavers without the sharing of ideas and questions? 

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