Sunday, June 14, 2015

"Just Our Yarn" Workshop

The great thing about attending a workshop is that not only do you learn a thing or three from your instructors, but you learn from each other. Like...some have the thread from the bobbin come over the top while others have that thread come off the bottom of the bobbin in their shuttles....or.... some use lease sticks and then leave them in or take them out when weaving, others don't even own any.

Here is Tomi using a great trick. She has beads with numbers on them and uses them to keep track of her treadling. Check it out.

If interested is this great yarn, you will have to catch these ladies at your nearest conference or schedule them. Lots of great tips and tricks working with color and Tencel. Just search for "Just Our Yarn".

Check back from time to time as I hope to have more photo's to post later.

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