Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Strips- Strips- and- More Strips!

This was not just your usual weaving guild meeting. We were bringing our items that were our yearly challenge : STRIPS.
As you know, strips can come in all sized. The Diva's did not disappoint with their creative interpretations of strips from towels to clothing. Sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and check out the show.
These wonderful towels are by Janice. She didn't get them hemmed in time for the meeting, but we loved them anyway. The yellow strips are just so cheerful. 

Tomi took an overshot threading and gave it her "Tomi twist". You can't see in the photo, but there is some glitz in the purple stripe. ..........And she doesn't even have side seams! How is that possible??  (I really need to learn to sew.)

Linda says she was obsessed and just kept weaving towels on this stripe arrangement she came up with. Changing her weft colors  kept her interested.

Marilynn discusses her travels from the article to her interpretation. 

Marilynn's embellishments makes the finished article. Awesome colors- Awesome strips!

Kathy showed the strips can go weft wise. 

Carol used my idea of using a photo to find the color pallet for this silk and tencel scarf.

A hand painted Carol Scarf! Yum!

Marty used the old stand-by "Huck-a-buck" or sometimes called "Friendship Towels" draft and explored the different treadling this draft has.

Melissa got her idea from the VAV magazine for these great colorful stripped towels.

Jan used color to get her strips for this great table runner.

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