Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guild Meeting Program

Kayla gave her program on "Confused and Unclear....Figuring Out The Difference Between Doubleweave and Deflected Doubleweave." Well, she didn't seem to confused to me. She had excellent samples to help us tell the difference. Doubleweave is woven on two planes while deflected doubleweave weave is on one plane. It's a really tricky looking plain weave. Once you understand the threading, it becomes less confusing. And we had Kayla to explain it to us so now it does not look as tricky as we thought.

Another really great thing about weavers getting together is we are able to share. Marilynn had just recently been given some old textiles from a member of her husbands family. Look at the wonderful colors and patterns and size of the threads. I would still be trying to spin the thread........ it was wonderful that someone thought to put a note with these irreplaceable textiles. (click photos to enlarge)

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Katie said...

Oh my! These pieces are beautiful. I have a LONG way to go!