Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weaving Program in July

If you belong to a weaving guild, I am sure at one time or the other you have been asked to give a program. The same hold for us here at the Weaving Diva's Guild. Sometimes you might give a program about a weave or some technique you are well familiar with. To some of us, it's a time to learn, explore, and test the waters of a "new to me" weave or technique. Susan had some exposure to Boundweave, but it was years ago, so she hunted up her book "BOUNDWEAVE, by Clotilde Barrett (1982) and explored. She gave great tips and got several of us excited to explore Boundweave ourselves.

Explaining some of the different treadlings.
Rug: Saddle Blanket Weave

Susan and her sample, which is now a very awesome table runner! ("I ran out of time to finish the edges." )

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