Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wool Rug Revisited

I am still around. Mostly weaving brain games!

I would like to share a discovery with you. Maybe some of you remember, I was working on weaving a wool rug. I wove the rug, then went to my 'stash' and took out some different colors of "wool" yarns to play with the draft and color placements. So really, this was to be my sample. To see what the draft could do. Well DH liked it and thought it would fit in front of his chair.

But here is the lesson learned: Don't use wool knitting yarns to weave a wool rug. That is why they make wool yarns for rug weaving. Check out the purple 'pills'! I will still have my sample and DH will still have his own personal rug, and he doesn't care if it pills or not. Gotta Love Him!!

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